CHRF’s appeal to International Community
on the Humanitarian issues in #PolyU
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CHRF’s appeal to International Community on the Humanitarian issues in PolyU

The Civil Human Rights Front (“We”) notices that, Chris Ping-keung Tang, the new Police Commissioner of Hong Kong, urged an retreat of protestors in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) at a press conference this morning.

We stand with everyone who concerns and suffers from police besieging protestors and civilians inside the campus. With no doubt, the tactics and actions of police outside PolyUcaused humanitarian crisis, and casualties became unavoidable. In spite of concerted efforts of citizens and high-profile figures, the circumstance remains unsolved.

We demand the commisisoner of police not to arrest or clean up inside the campus, and let the management body of PolyU per se to settle. Above all, humanitarian issues and protestors’ safety as well as basic human rights should be the top priority of concern.

According to news reports, it is known that many protestors have taken risk to escape from the campus by fleeing through the sewers or shimmying down ropes from a bridge to waiting motorcycles. It is a sign of the unsolved humanitarian crisis under police rounding up the campus. We urge international community, in particular foreign media correspondents who arrive Hong Kong for District Council elections will continue to observe the situations in PolyUuntil full solution has been made.

Civil Human Rights Front
22nd November 2019