CHRF Condemn HK Police Slashing New Year Rally
(English version below)

警方於今日 5 時半,強行終止了民陣的遊行及集會,民陣對此予以強烈譴責!民陣亦嚴正聲明,疏散群眾是按不反對通知書要求迫於無奈的做法,民陣絕對不同意警方腰斬的決定,警方相關言論是充滿謊言、誤導及分化香港人。

警察於盧押道的拘捕行動引發警民對峙,當時場面漸變溫和,防暴警察及後亦準備撤退,卻隨即向人群投擲催淚彈,激化矛盾。警方亦同時威逼遊行腰斬,更要求民陣 30 分鐘內疏散迫爆港島的數十萬市民,大批防暴警察更在地鐵站及各疏散路線截查、挑釁市民,成圍捕之勢。



2020 年 1 月 1 日

CHRF Condemn HK Police Slashing New Year Rally

Hong Kong Police ceased CHRF’s New Year Rally and assembly today at 1730 HKT. CHRF condemn such a brutal decision. We reluctantly abided by the terms of “Letter of No Objection” to evacuate the crowd——we have never agreed upon the Police’s decision. The Police’s comment on our alleged “agreement” is falsified and maliciously diverging the public.

Earlier tension at Luard Road after a Police arrest action was originally easing, and Riot Police were retreating. Unfortunately, Police fired tear gas to the crowd, escalated the scene. Police subsequently called off the rally and demanded CHRF to evacuate all the crowd in Hong Kong Island within 30 minutes. Riot Police at MTR stations and all exit routes kept searching and provoking citizens, threatening mass arrest.

On the first day of year 2020, the Police dismissed the first licensed assembly of the year with absurd excuse. Hong Kong government have shown its unwillingness to listen to the voices of the mass, infringing the right of assembly of Hong Kong citizens.

CHRF warn Hong Kong Government to respect and fulfill the Five Demands——Not One Less. Or else, Hong Kong-ers shall not back down, and peace shall not resume with on-going police brutality.

Civil Human Right’s Front
1st Jan 2020