Declaration on 12.8 Human Rights Day Rally
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自 1950 年起,聯合國把每年的 12 月 10 日定為「國際人權日」。今年國際人權日步入 70 周年,主題是「青年挺身護人權」。


根據《基本法》第 39 條和現行法例,適用於香港的聯合國人權公約共有十五條,其中七條訂明要求締約國包括香港提交報告。香港政府作為國際人權體制的一分子,有責任去預防及制止警察以酷刑、不人道及殘忍手段對付示威人士和被捕者,並保障集會自由。




2019 年 12 月 8 日


Declaration on 12.8 Human Rights Day Rally
Civil Human Rights Front

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. This year, Human Rights Day marks the 70th anniversary, and the theme this year is “youth stand up for human rights”.

Since summer this year in Hong Kong, hundreds and thousands of young people in Hong Kong have been resisting the law the damages human rights protections with blood and sweat. A heavy price is paid. Myriads of human rights defenders across generations suffered from police brutality, nearly 6,000 citizens were arrested, including minors and humanitarian workers. Unjust political system remains, the executive government abuses its power and tolerates unfair enforcement of law by police. The authority from Beijing criticises court judgement against the anti-mask law, implying a threat to deprive the court’s duty of constitutional review.

In China, human rights activists and lawyers have been suffering from repression, while re-education camps and mass surveillance system are implemented against the rights and freedoms of Uyghurs and individual citizens in the country.

The human rights violations and humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong and China are reaching the tipping point now.

There are 15 UN human rights treaties applicable to Hong Kong, according to article 39 of the Basic Law, as well as other laws and regulations. 7 of them require Hong Kong to submit periodic reports. As a member of international human rights regime, the Hong Kong government has obligation to prevent and stop human rights violations, including torture, inhuman and cruel treatment by law enforcement agency as well as restrictions on freedom of assembly.

We only need one dictator to make the whole system of human rights protection collapse. But we need everyone’s effort to safeguard individual rights and liberties. Our rally today is to gather everyone in Hong Kong to defend our city as well as advancing international human rights movement with global civil society. This is the way we safeguard the future of our younger generation.

We urge the Hong Kong government to uphold its commitment to Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all UN human rights treaties applicable to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government must realise our five demands in order to fulfil the duty of international human rights protections, and defend humanitarianism and human dignity.

Five Demands, Not One Less!
Justice Against Police Brutality!
Defend Our Rights!