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The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) comprises more than 40 non-governmental groups (NGO) in Hong Kong. We have diversified focuses of concerns ranging from issues related to rights of religion, culture, women, workers, people from grassroots, ethnic minorities, people of different sexual orientation, to community issues, democracy and human rights. The CHRF was formed on September 13, 2002 aiming at to provide a platform for joining solidarity efforts together pushing forward movements on the promotion of human rights and the development of civil society.

The HKSAR government makes use of the implementation of Article 23 of Basic Law to enact laws against subversion, sedition and so on. This threatens strongly the rule of law and the human rights situation of Hong Kong. The CHFRF opposes and reacts strongly against it. At the time when Hong Kong's legislature is not fully democratic, its chief executive is not elected through universal suffrage and the independence of the courts is limited, enacting new laws on national security is threatening the rights and freedoms of people in the territory.

In fact, instead of depriving people of their freedoms, devastating the rule of law by making use of this legislation and creating obstacles for developing a democratic system and culture, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government should act according to the extension of application of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to the region, putting efforts on the protection of human rights and building up a democratic system.

The CHRF strongly urges the HKSAR government to set up a Human Rights Commission with statutory power for the protection and promotion of human rights, for pushing forward enacting laws on the protection of equal opportunities, and for the protection of rights of the disadvantaged communities.


Three Working Groups of the Civil Human Rights Front:

1. Against Article 23 legislation Task Force
2. Human Rights Commission Task Force
3. Education and Information Task Force

The Civil Human Rights Front consists of three working groups, which are Article 23 working group, Human Rights Commission working group and Education and Information working group respectively. The major aim of the three arms of the organization - to demonstrate the power of people and to let people's voices to be heard by the society.

Against Article 23 legislation Task Force

Over the past year, the group has been active on monitoring closely on the development of Article 23 legislation and on the blue bill. Several training workshops were organized to look into various aspects of the consultation paper. Forums were held on streets. All these aimed at raising the awareness of people on the far and deep impact of the legislation on them and their future generations, more importantly, its importance on the development of democracy. Other remarkable activities include a series of signature campaigns, the December 15 march in 2002, the February 25 candle light vigil in 2003, the coming July 1 march and the July 9 assembly. Undoubtedly, all these served as valuable platforms for people to voice out and to demonstrate the power of people.

Human Rights Commission Task Force

The group aims at building up a Human Rights Commission with statutory power. Efforts were put on various aspects including organizing training workshops for local NGOs on enhancing knowledge of human rights and making appropriate responses regarding different issues. The ultimate goal would be having a Human Rights Commission set up in Hong Kong. Before attaining this goal, the group has been monitoring closely on the legislation related to equal opportunities, such as the pending legislation on eliminating racial discrimination.

Education and Information Task Force

It was set up with an aim to promote the work of the Civil Human Rights Front in high schools and universities. Two teams were set up under this working group: the university team and the high school team. The high school team had produced an education kit on Article 23 legislation for the use in high schools. Workshops were held for high school teachers on introduction and the usage of the education kit. While the university team held a series of street campaigns before the July 1 march gathering comments from the public on their views and opinions.

Member organizations of the Civil Human Rights Front:


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